Relax, stretch & strengthen your body

 and your mind will follow


Our vision at Yogasmile is to provide yoga classes for those who want to make physical, mental or emotional changes in their lives. These changes don't all come at once. Like any practice, yoga requires time. Most yoga journeys start with the physical or mental, but with time, emotional changes follow.


Our focus is to help you connect with your body, breath and mind whilst on the mat. With the right awareness and intention, this connection then makes its way off the mat. Life then just becomes a whole lot easier and a lot more fun. Come feel for yourself.


"Anastasia, Thank you so much for the encouragement this year. I have never voluntarily stuck with any class in my life, much less enjoyed one, or stayed long enough to see real improvement. I love that you push us, but you really pay attention too. I never feel like I'm just stuck in a corner trying to keep up, which I really did the last yoga classes I tried.... Thank you for all your hard work helping me mend my shoulder, find some peace on my mat, and enjoy being in my body." Leah Moore (female 40+)    12th July 2019

CORFU 21-28 JUNE 2020


Make it Happen

Yoga Retreat Corfu Greece 21-28 June 2020

Some people live 90 years. Others live one year 90 times. Do something different in 2020. Join us for an unforgettable escape dedicated to energising your mind and body for better well-being. We promise we’ll help you connect with yourself a little bit more everyday, so you come home a better version of yourself.


Whether you can’t touch your toes or you can do a headstand, we’ve got you covered! You’ll be inspired, empowered and have a whole lot of fun. Expect al fresco dining overlooking the sea, turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and a sense of mythology and history in the air.