Thanks: M. Burnes ( for the idea of this profile.

In a nutshell

My scholiosis (S shaped spine) lead me to the yoga mat. It still keeps me there as does SAD, external strength and flexibility and internal strength, flexibility and serenity.


I am dedicated to well-being. For me this means an addiction to movement, breathing,  positive psychology and nutrition.

I don't fear failure or the deepest lows of life. Instead I understand it is these times which truly mould me.


I am grateful for my children first and foremost. Scouse warmth and sincerity remind me of my hometown Sydney 20 years ago. I admire the

2% ers amongst us who are always happy.

I long for more hours in the day and a dip in the ocean.


I believe 'you are what you eat'. Our stomachs are said to be our second brains so what we eat affects how we think and feel. And what we think also affects everything in our lives. The energy within and around us creates our lives. 

 My hour of power starts at 5am  with a cup of decaf tea, yogic breathing, meditation, gratitude listing, intention setting and some journalling.   At  6am I prepare my youngest to take on the world.

I am challenged by my children, ungratefulness, negativity, and sugar in moderation.